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Fwd: [ACML] Anime Expo Exhibitors and Fans

While this post came through the Anime Cons Mailing List channel, which is technically open to the public but generally only read by con chairs and the like, and the warning at the bottom suggests disseminating this to the AX LJ is potentially problematic, I still think posting this here seems within reasonable restraint. For length, I've placed it under cut. This comes from Marc Perez, chairman of the Board of Directors for Anime Expo, and based on a few hints, seems reasonably legit. The post as sent on the ACML can be found archived here.

Hello All,

It's been a while since I have posted, but I wanted to clear up some of the misunderstanding surrounding this years exhibit hall.
Below please find the current pricing structure. NOTE: All booth costs include ALL on-site material handling charges(freight).

Alumni price (Exhibitors from '08-'10) - available now through the event; pricing is per 10x10 space
Standard Regular: $775
Standard Corner: $975
Premium Regular: $975
Premium Corner: $1,175
Island Configuration: $550
Additional badge: $50

Market price for new companies; pricing is per 10x10 space

Now through January 1st
Standard Regular: $1,125
Standard Corner: $1,325
Premium Regular: $1,325
Premium Corner: $1,525
Island Configuration: $550
Additional badge: $50

January 2nd - June 30th
Standard Regular: $1,200
Standard Corner: $1,400
Premium Regular: $1,400
Premium Corner: $1,600
Island Configuration: $550
Additional badge: $50

We are actively working to repair relationship with our exhibitors, the first step is addressing the pricing and will continue to work with you to ease your concerns and provide you with a better experience.

In addition, we would like to dispel a few rumors:

False: Attendees will be required to purchase an "Exhibit Hall Badge" above and beyond a Convention Pass

- We are not quite sure where this rumor started, but we will not be charging extra to enter the exhibit hall

False: Anime Expo has become a for-profit company.

- While prices for Anime Expo badges and exhibitors have gone up over the years, we still intend to remain a non-profit 501(c)6.
We exist to promote Anime, Manga and Japanese pop culture by partnering with the industry. We are working to do a better job of working with our industry partners and fans.

False: Anime Expo is going to raise prices for Anime Expo badges again.

- We plan to keep the same badge prices and schedule as last year. We will however be offering more pricing discounts through-out the year.


For those who we upset last year, we are sorry! We are actively working to make this years Anime Expo better then ever.
We will be celebrating our 20th Anime Expo this year, so we have come up with the theme of: "Year of the Fan".
We hope to excite and please all of you in the coming year, so stay tuned!

Thank you - Very Respectfully

Marc Perez
Chairman, Board of Directors
Acting CEO

SPJA's Website: SPJA.org
Anime Expo 2009 Website: ANIME-EXPO.org
+1 714.937.2994 SPJA OFFICE (Line 1)
+1 714.937.1298 FAX

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