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assistance needed!!

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is not the place to post this I am running out of ideas >.< and figures if anyone could help it would be the Anime Expo fans ^_^

I have decided to start a blog for my weight loss, to record my successes and pitfalls, as well as my recipes. This being because I have met many people on blogspot who also do weight watchers.

I am however a big Japanese food fan and anime lover, and most of the healthy food I eat is Japanese inspired. As such I want this to reflect in my header. especially as I will be sharing a fair few Japanese style recipes, and bento meals.

So as mentioned I am trying to make a header for the blog I really want something Japan kawaii, style for example:

I am not sure I can use this image, I am also useless when It comes to art or drawing my own stuff, or even making my own banner. >.< Is there anyone who can assist me??

I even had the idea of a chibi character sat eating a bento wearing am anime hat with long floppy ears, (expo style)

I have a few blog ideas for a name:

Skinny Bento
Healthy Bento
Bento Loss
Japan Diet
Bento Diet
Healthy Bento Diet
Sushi Diet
Sushi Weight Loss
Bento Weight Loss
Bento Fit
Bento Healthy
Bento Skinny
Skinny Sushi

>.< again I have hit a big brick wall, hence I am asking for assistance.


If I am in the wrong place just say ill remove the post >.<
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