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Looking for 2 more people to share hotel with :D


Name: Oscar
Hotel: Westin Bonaventure
Days Booked: All 4 (July 1 - July 5)
Smoking\Drinking: Neither would be awesome
Spaces Left: 2 Spaces left

> What age or gender you want your mates to be?
Either female or male is ok.

> A description about yourself?
Name is Oscar, I'm 22 live in San Diego and been going to AX for 4-5years. Last year my friends decided they didn't want to come and this year it happened again (should have learned the 1st time T_T). Me and my friends are from the SDAnimanga club (www.sdanimanga.net if you want to check out our little group) in San Diego and known each other for a long time, so there is no drama guarantied biggrin.gif.
We are probably not even going to be in the room most of the time, so it will be pretty chill.

> Or roomates behavior? Ex. I perfer one that is organized and clean.
Only people over 18 years old (don't want to baby sit sad.gif ). CLEAN people of course, we all want to be walking with no problem through our room without tripping smile.gif . No Stealing. Did I mention Hygiene? Yes, super CLEAN

>Cost: It would range from $144 to $188 depending if we do get the 2 Spots filled in or just 1. If you want the secure spot, it would be nice to get maybe half of the money by paypal or w/e . But maybe I can make an exception if contacted soon biggrin.gif , and just take the payment when we check in

Contact: My email is eltachoATgmail.com or vicepresidenATsdanimanga.net . If you want to contact by phone just send me a email or PM and I'll get back to you as fast as posible .
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